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Experience the Smart Shopping with Price History!

What is Price History?

Price History is a free to use platform for tracking price of products.

Why do I need to track products in the first place?

You might have seen price fluctuations in these big e-commerce stores? Haven't you?
One day you see product listed for lower price and other day you come back to buy the same product and price is increased? This is very common problem with almost every product and every store.
Most of the people want to buy products at best possible price, that's where Price History kicks in. We track price of products for you! You just enter the URL in our website or you can also download Price History app from App Store or Play Store.

How this actually works?

Simply copy the URL of your product and paste in Price History. You will be greeted with price chart of product, you can analyze the data or you can set price alert for same product with just one click. Enter the target price and bang! We're tracking your product on priority basis so you don't need to manually open the store website now and then. We'll simply send you a notification via Email/App whenever price of product hits below or equal to your target price.

Who's behind Price History?

Price History was founded by Sukhchain Singh in 2019. Suraj Sharma joined Price History in 2020. The hard work both of them put into this app made it successful. As of 2021 Price History remains most advanced and trusted app when it comes to tracking price of products.